Human Characters

Here are some of the human characters (plus a couple of animals) you will meet in FANDEMONIUM:

In Jersey City:

  • Ray Sirico, Skylord comics writer
  • Norberto, proprietor, Norberto’s Stationary
  • Claude Bullard, a Skylord fan
  • Neville, a reggae musician
  • Fat Rob, a club owner

At Colossal Comics, midtown Manhattan:

  • Lenny Gross, editor-in-chief
  • Henry Cole, founder and former CEO
  • Alec Tilton, chairman and CEO
  • Miss Crompton, Alec’s assistant
  • Reginald Pratt, executive vice president, marketing
  • Jack Gladwell, production manager
  • Jay Hamada, writer/editor
  • Bruno Fink, artist
  • Hector Santiago, artist

In Chelsea, New York City:

  • Tad Carlyle, founder, Fireburst Comics
  • Anthony, Tad’s boyfriend
  • Scott Sermersheim, Fireburst partner
  • Ziggy Urbanek, Fireburst partner
  • Trip Everhart, Fireburst partner
  • Leo Pinder, Fireburst partner

In White Plains, N.Y.:

  • Fred D’Auria, a middle school student
  • Philo, Fred’s cat
  • Rose D’Auria, Fred’s mother
  • Charles D’Auria, Fred’s father
  • Licorice, a neighbor’s dog
  • Timmy Meehan, Fred’s classmate
  • Mark Hedges, Fred’s classmate

In South Dakota:

  • Normy Ubelhoer, Tad Carlyle’s classmate
  • Caleb Carlyle, Tad’s father
  • Elizabeth Carlyle, Tad’s mother
  • Sarah Carlyle, Tad’s sister

In Hollywood:

  • Lynn Sirico, Ray Sirico’s wife
  • Xander Littlefield, a production assistant
  • Harmony Storm, an actress on Star Station Sigma
  • Hugh Sinclair, Harmony’s costar
  • Monique Wheeler, Harmony’s personal manager
  • Terence Alt, director, Skylord: The Motion Picture
  • Brantwood Cameron, an actor
  • Seth Schnurmacher, Pinnacle Pictures producer

In England:

  • Sir Giles Tilton, chairman and CEO, Nebula Communications
  • Constance, his wife
  • Lionel Tilton, his elder son

On television:

  • Justin Trout, anchor, Channel 9 Action News Now
  • Griff Boyd, Action News Now sports anchor
  • Taffy Poppenberg, Action News Now correspondent
  • Morty Lange, host, Night Lite with Morty Lange
  • Herb, Morty’s announcer
  • Rev. Jasper Buskirk, founder, Fundamentalist Crusade of God

At Fandemonium:

  • Jeremiah Duff, a security officer
  • Luther Pomeroy, a Star Station Sigma fan
  • Russell Pomeroy, Luther’s younger brother
  • Nelson Tillingwell, executive manager, Olympia Tower Hotel
  • Victoria, a concierge, Olympia Tower Hotel
  • Keith, a model
  • Wayne, a staff volunteer
  • Quentin Dingler, a comics vendor
  • Violet Boyle, a Star Station Sigma fan
  • “Captain Combat,” a comics fan
  • Ivy Muchnick, a comics fan
  • Laura Lay, an adult films actress
  • Phil Fleisch, XXXecutive vice president, Hotthouse Media