Fantasy Characters

This online supplement to FANDEMONIUM provides additional information on the many metafictional comics, sci-fi and fantasy characters mentioned in the novel.

Character(s): Appear(s)/ mentioned in: Background: Remarks:
All-American Eagle Chapters 2, 13
All-American quarterback Randall Rogan was the son of a World War I flying ace and aeronautical engineer who was killed when his experimental flying harness was sabotaged by a German spy. Randall vowed to fight Nazis and fifth columnists with the amazing inventions in his father’s secret lab atop Mount Baldy. The All-American Eagle had no super-powers, but could fly using his father’s glider wings and rocket belt. Plymouth Rocky was his loyal sidekick. His career was cut short when publisher Atomic Comics went out of business after rival Peerless Periodicals sued them for copyright infringement, claiming the Eagle was a copy of Skylord.
Amadeus the Wolfboy Interlude 14 The son of concert musicians, young pianist Amadeus Wolfe dreamed of being hailed as a musical genius like his namesake, Mozart. But he was too lazy to practice, so he prayed to the demon Belphegor, who granted his wish — at the price of Amadeus becoming a werewolf at each full moon. In human form, Amadeus is sly and scheming; as a werewolf he is savage and powerful, vulnerable only to silver or wolfsbane. Demonica, Niece of Satan induced him to join her Damnation Army.
Aphazians Interlude 18
Isolated in a remote corner of the universe, the planet Aphazia is home to a strange race whose language is so unusual that no one except Galaxia-Five has been able to decipher it. Galaxia-Five and Clavius Carpenter worked to establish diplomatic relations between Aphazia and the Thoraxi as a step toward enlisting the Aphazians into the Universal Sentient Alliance.
Aphonians Chapter 13 The planet Aphon is home to a race with the most sensitive hearing in the universe. Aphonians are a member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance. Aphonians have huge, rotating ears and are often communications and espionage officers in the Pan-Galactic Navy. They have troubled relations with the neighboring Gamelans, whom they claim they can hear across millions of miles of space.
Aqua-Marine Interlude 14 When a Japanese torpedo sank his troopship during World War II, Marine sergeant Mickey Murchison was rescued by a mermaid who carried him to her secret underwater city of Aquatania, where scientists surgically altered him to enable him to survive deep undersea. Aqua-Marine could breathe underwater, swim at superhuman speed, and had enhanced strength that enabled him to survive undersea pressure. He married Eleanor, the mermaid who rescued him, and used his powers to battle Axis naval forces. He is the father of H2Overlord.
Atom Thrashers Chapters 4, 15 The Atom Thrashers are superhuman outcasts whose freakish powers were spawned by atomic mutation. The Atom Thrashers include Doomerang, Sluggernaut and Frigilante.
Avant Guard Interlude 14 Blaming society for their failures, three unsuccessful artists teamed up and used the mystic powers that created the Gray Golem to stage bizarre acts of terrorism as “performance art.” The Avant Guard comprises Culture Vulture, Big Dada and Sir Real. Skylord stopped their scheme to loot the Metropolitan Museum of Art and replace its exhibits with real people imprisoned in art.
Balloonatic Chapter 3 Brilliant but twisted, Myles Faraday was obsessed with balloons from an early age. Turning to crime, he adopted them as his weapons and his trademark. Balloonatic takes sadistic delight in turning harmless-looking toys into deadly threats. He weaponizes balloons using explosives, gases, acids and other techniques.
Baron Brain Chapters 1, 5;
Abandoned by his father at age 6, child prodigy Branwell Barron was devoted to his beautiful, red-haired mother. When science failed to save her from a brain tumor when he was 11, he became bitter and devoted his genius to mastering all technology. Licensing his patents to tech giant OmniCorp, he amassed billions, eventually taking over the company by proxy. Barron dubbed himself Baron Brain and swore to dominate the world or destroy it. He covets Skylord’s Sunstone, believing it will give his Chrono Cannon enough power to send him back in time to save his mother’s life. He is also obsessed with Skylord’s red-haired lover Jenny Jenkins, the only person on Earth he cares for.
Baron Brainless Interlude 14 Baron Brainless is the analogue of Baron Brain in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. Embarrassed by his scrawny body, Baron Brainless covets Skylard’s Stunstone because he thinks it will help him gain weight. Sadly, his inventions never work.
Bash Callahan Interlude 13;
Interlude 14,
Postlude 10
The only pilot skilled enough to fly the U.S. Army’s experimental Aero Sled, Lieut. Brendan “Bash” Callahan used it to battle bizarre Axis villains and technology throughout and after World War II. Bash Callahan was a formidable amateur boxer as well as the daring pilot of the fastest, most maneuverable aircraft of its day. He was the husband of She-Zanna and father of Cheshire Cat.
Big Dada Interlude 14 The Culture Vulture uncovered the mystic Kabbalah ritual that created the Gray Golem and revealed it to failed artist Marcel Dershowitz, who used it to turn himself into a living sculpture called Big Dada. Believing it would be the ultimate performance art, Dershowitz assembled a giant statue out of junk and animated it with his own life force, turning himself into a lumbering, semi-sentient menace. Big Dada is one of the Avant Guard.
Black Powerhouse Interlude 1, Chapters 2, 3, 15, 16, Interlude 14 Raised poor in Harlem, Winfield Parks went to Columbia on scholarship and became an outstanding engineering student, while his twin brother Woodrow became a black nationalist. When Winfield tried to stop Woodrow’s arrest on false drug charges, a racist cop shoved them both onto an electrified train rail. It activated the experimental Beta Battery Winfield was carrying, merging the two brothers into one being filled with electrical energy. When Winfield and Woodrow touch the Beta Battery together, they merge into a being that has superhuman stamina and strength but is often stymied by their internal quarrels. Black Powerhouse can also project bolts of electricity, repel bullets with an electromagnetic field, and shock his opponents with an electrified punch. He was offered membership in the Pantheon of Power but refused, preferring to fight racial injustice instead of cosmic threats.
Black Veil Chapter 13 Pursuing a gang of killers into a dark warehouse one night, rookie cop Joe Moody accidentally shot and killed his own partner. Ravaged by guilt, he covered his face with a black veil and swore not to remove it so long as there were criminals who remained unpunished. The Greek goddess Nemesis appeared to Moody and promised him power to avenge evil if he would renounce his humanity and host her reincarnation, and he agreed. Immortal and virtually omnipotent, the Black Veil uses his vast power to exact ghastly vengeance on the unjust.
Blind Justice Interludes 2, 14;
Chapters 4, 11, 15, 17
When he was a child, the urban vigilante known as Blind Justice saw his parents and sister tortured and murdered by criminals. The trauma left him with hysterical blindness that is relieved only when he blinds, tortures and kills other criminals. Blind Justice has no superhuman abilities, but he is in peak physical condition and has superb reflexes and fighting skills. He uses a double-pronged electric branding iron as a weapon and to put out his victims’ eyes. He is feared by police and criminals alike.
Bloodgeon Chapter 14 Raised alongside the Phantom Ninja in the mystic lamasery of Kwang Duk, the assassin known as Bloodgeon was cruel and sadistic from childhood. When the Ninja asked Master Chin why he taught deadly skills to someone so clearly dangerous, Chin replied: “For every yang there must be yin.” Like the Phantom Ninja, Bloodgeon has mastered all forms of combat, but her favorite weapon is the spiked club from which she takes her name. She also has mystical abilities, including supernatural stealth. Though they are sworn enemies, she is attracted to Phantom Ninja.
Bromidi Chapters 14, 17, 20 The planet Brom is home to a race of pacifist mystics governed by poets and philosophers. The Bromidi are a member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance. Bromidi are ascetic and prize gentleness and contemplative detachment. An avian race, they resemble storks and wear flowing, brightly colored robes.
Butch Syzygy Chapter 14 In the 1880s, two female train robbers fleeing a posse came upon the wreckage of an alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico. Accidentally activating a strange device, they found themselves transported through a singularity to an abandoned outpost on Mars. From telepathic records left behind by the long-vanished Martians, the two outlaws mastered Martian weapons. As others found similar portals from the American West to Mars, Butch Syzygy and the Sunspot Kid led their Black-Hole-in-the-Wall gang in raids on New Frontier settlements.
Captain Combat Chapters 14, 17, 19,
Interlude 14
Captain Combat is the code name of the field commander of COMBAT (COvert Military Battalion for Anti-Terror), an elite force of commandos from all branches of the armed forces. The character is based on a line of action figures.

Captain Combat is the ultimate solder, expert in every form of warfare, as well as a superb leader and master tactician. His motto is: On land or sea or in the air, Captain Combat is always there.

Cheshire Cat Postlude 10;
To avenge the death of her father, Bash Callahan, Catherine Callahan used Baron Brain’s Chrono Cannon to pursue Colonel Cadaverus into the Netherverse, a parallel dimension. But when Cadaverus turned the Cannon on her, she found herself trapped there. Cheshire Cat is able to partially or fully materialize from the Netherverse for brief periods, effectively giving her powers of invisibility, intangibility and teleportation. She is the daughter of Bash Callahan and She-Zanna, bride of Swashbuckler, and a member of the Pantheon of Power.
Chimera Chapter 18,
Postlude 8
The super-villain MeanStreak tricked beautiful Lou Ann Bersky into entering his Devolution Chamber. She emerged as a savage monster with the strength and claws of a lioness, a serpent tail to crush and poison her opponents, and fiery breath. MeanStreak then unleashed her upon Laserblade. Rather than harm her, Laserblade managed to awaken Chimera’s dormant humanity with a kiss, after which she joined forces with him to defeat MeanStreak and his hulking henchman, Murk. Since then, Lou Ann has been able to transform into Chimera at will, and uses her power to fight evil.
Chitinoids Chapter 17 Chitinoids inhabit Crusta, an ocean planet with low gravity. They are a member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance. Chitinoids are bulky red arthropods with stalked eyes and large pincers, possibly descendants of a Thoraxi colony. They are notoriously ill-tempered.
Clavius Carpenter Chapters 4, 15, 18;
Interlude 18

Admiral Clavius Carpenter, a human of Earth, is a senior officer in the Pan-Galactic Navy and commander of Star Station Sigma. Clavius Carpenter is considered one of the greatest officers of the Pan-Galactic Navy, renowned across many galaxies for his courage and resourcefulness.
Clint Comet Interlude 14 In the year 2015, when the Russians have won the space race to Mars, Clint Comet and the Science Patrol protect Earth from the Communist overlords of the Red Planet, sometimes aided by Queen Allura of Venus. From his secret base on the dark side of the Moon, Clint Comet patrols the Solar System is the atomic spaceship Space Eagle along with Professor Proton and Widget the robot. Queen Allura is in love with Clint.
Cold Warriors Interlude 14 Touted as living symbols of the power of the Soviet state, the Cold Warriors were a feared team of superhumans who abetted Communist expansionism and crushed dissent. Led by the gargantuan Red Menace, the Cold Warriors also included Hammer, Sickle, Silver Sputnik, Shehemoth and the Kremlin Gremlin at various times.
Colonel Cadaverus Chapters 1, 3, 5, 17, 19,
Interludes 13, 14, Postlude 10
To avoid capture by the Allies as Berlin fell, Nazi commander Klaus Leichenfeld pierced his own heart with the Spear of Destiny, a supernatural artifact that had been captured by Hitler. Three days later he reawoke, undead. Using the Spear of Destiny, Colonel Cadaverus can raise and command zombies and manipulate time and space, often in unpredictable ways. He is obsessed with restoring the Third Reich.
Colonel Cantankerous Interlude 14 Colonel Cantankerous is the analogue of Colonel Cadaverus in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics characters. Unlike Colonel Cadaverus, Colonel Cantankerous is not undead — merely very old and confused. He does not know that World War II is over.
Count of Crispi Crusto Interlude 1 The Count of Crispi Crusto is a mascot of Prince Pepperoni’s Pizza Palace, a chain of pizza restaurants that cater to children with costumed characters, party rooms and video games. The Count of Crispi Crusto is chancellor of Pizzavania, “the yummiest place on Earth,” where the pizza is “fit for royalty.” He is a faithful aide to Pizzavania’s monarch, Prince Pepperoni.
Crime Crusher Chapter 14 Son of a highly decorated police detective, Carl Cannon became a cop himself. But his father was killed the day before his retirement, by a drug dealer who was later freed on a technicality. At the funeral, Cannon was recruited for a secret project called CRUSH (Criminal Rendition Utilizing Specialized Hardware). Given intense physical training and equipped with high-tech body armor, an electrified nightstick and other gear, Crime Crusher administers brutal justice to criminals deemed unjustly freed by the courts. But he also secretly investigates his shadowy employers, suspicious of their true motives.
Culture Vulture Interlude 14 Combing the art district of Prague for works to exhibit in his failing New York gallery (as well as dodging his creditors), Alain Figuier (aka Al Figg) stumbled into the ruins of the studio of legendary artist Judah Kinstler, creator of the Gray Golem. There he learned the mystic secrets of the Kabbalah that enabled Kintsler to enchant and animate his art materials. Returning to his gallery, Figuier commissioned struggling artist Rollo Sirk, who signed his works Sir Real, to sculpt wings from enchanted clay. The wings enabled Figuier to fly, albeit erratically due to their contorted shape. As the Culture Vulture, Figuier organized the Avant Guard to stage bizarre acts of terror as performance art.
Damnation Army Interlude 14 Demonica, Niece of Satan recruited monstrous allies to abet her schemes to conquer Earth, Hell and, eventually, heaven itself. In addition to Demonica, the Damnation Army also includes Amadeus the Wolfboy, the Gray Golem and Slyme, the Ooze That Walks Like a Man.
DemoGog Interlude 14 Charismatic leader of the Universal Brigade of Truth, Rev. Casper Bustard denounced Skylord as a demon, claiming his powers were satanic. But when Jenny Jenkins was lured into the Brigade, Skylord infiltrated it as Bradley Benton and discovered that Bustard actually was a demon himself. DemoGog could hypnotize and control vast throngs of followers, and his power grew with every convert who joined his crusade. In his showdown with Skylord and Night Knight, the light of Skylord’s Sunstone revealed that DemoGog was actually Demonica, Niece of Satan in disguise.
Demon Dog Chapter 18 When the super-villain MeanStreak lured a stray dog into his Devolution Chamber, the dog emerged as a savage supernatural beast. Demon Dog has razor-sharp teeth that can shred steel and leathery wings that enable her to fly at supersonic speeds.
Demonica, Niece of Satan Interlude 14 She-demon Demonica is the daughter of Belphegor, one of the Seven Princes of Hell, and thus claims kinship with the Lord of Hell himself. Demonica is a powerful sorceress as well as a seductive succubus who can steal men’s souls. She leads the Damnation Army.
Dirk Alamo Interlude 16 Investigative journalist Dirk Alamo is the editor of Crusader, a magazine that exposes conspiracies and government cover-ups and promotes Christian values. He is the hero of a series of novels by Rev. Jasper Buskirk. Dirk Alamo is rugged, resourceful, and highly proficient with guns. But his greatest attribute is his Christian faith, which sustains him as he battles both human and demonic minions of the powers of darkness.
Doctor Thermo, the Thermonuclear Man Chapter 3,
Interlude 14
Hans Thurmann, an atomic scientist working for America at the height of the Cold War, sold vital defense secrets to the Kremlin Gremlin. But the Gremlin double-crossed him and locked him inside a nuclear reactor. Though Thurmann was vaporized, he was reborn as a being of pure atomic energy. Immensely strong and virtually indestructible, Doctor Thermo has the power of a 25-megaton atomic bomb. He can emit intense heat and deadly radiation, and engaging him physically runs the risk of detonating him. He is also mentally unstable, making him even more dangerous.
Dolorians Chapter 17 A dark world orbiting a dying star, the planet Dolora is surrounded by a dense layer of gray clouds. Dolorians are a member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance. Dolorians are gaunt, pasty-skinned humanoids. Glum and fatalistic, they devote themselves to preparing for the destruction of their world and universal entropy.
Doomerang Chapters 2, 11 Doomerang has superhuman abilities spawned by atomic mutation, but his real name and the origin of his Sonic Boomerang are unknown; even his face is unrevealed. His motto is: The evil that men do returns to destroy them. Doomerang has superhuman stamina and strength and can throw his razor-sharp Sonic Boomerang at supersonic speed to behead those he feels deserve death. He is one of the Atom Thrashers.
Drakkonians Chapters 5, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19Interlude 5; passim Drakon, a planet of high gravity, torrid temperatures and unstable moons, is home to an aggressive and belligerent race. Drakkonians are reluctant members of the Universal Sentient Alliance. Drakkonians are porcine, with curving tusks, bristly skin and facial warts. They have volatile relations with the neighboring Myrmidonians, with whom they once nearly went to war when moons of their respective planets threatened to collide.
Electric Boogieman Interlude 14 Roscoe Ridge was a chart-topping soul singer until the sudden popularity of disco turned him into a has-been overnight. In desperation he paid the Voice of Doom millions to recreate him as a disco star. Under the Voice’s guidance, the Electric Boogieman packed arenas and sent audiences swooning. But Ridge didn’t know that the Voice’s vocals were being dubbed over his own, hypnotizing audiences into giving up their valuables. Blamed for the mass thefts, Ridge was sent to prison until Skylord and Screech Owl uncovered the truth.
Enormo, the Creature from Beyond Reason Chapter 11,
Interlude 14
Baron Brain found a dinosaur frozen in a glacier and used his technology to triple its size, strength and ferocity before unleashing it upon Skylord. Enormo was seemingly unstoppable until Skylord used Mister Micro’s Molecular Magnet to reduce it to the size of a lizard and send it into endless orbit around the universe.
Fairy Queen Interlude 14 When the Damnation Army invaded her magic forest kingdom of Arcania, Queen Gloriana sent Skylord an urgent plea for help through his Sunstone. After she and Skylord defeated the Army together, the grateful Fairy Queen pledged him her love and asked him to rule Arcania by her side forever. The Fairy Queen was so beautiful that she not only broke Demonica’s hold over Slyme and the Gray Golem, but also made Skylord decide to leave Earth and marry her. But when he returned to Arcania after bidding farewell to Jenny Jenkins, he was heartbroken to find that the queen had married the Green Gardener, a shaman who had seduced her by repairing the destruction the Damnation Army had wrought.
Flower Child Postlude 10 While chained to a tree in the Amazon to protest deforestation by conglomerate OmniCorp, Daisy Quackenbush spotted a strange flower and ate it, hoping to get high. She got more than she bargained for when it gave her a psychic link with all plant life. Flower Child can psychokinetically stimulate and control any kind of plant and even raise dangerous new mutant strains, but her power is hampered by her lack of mental focus. She is attracted to Skylord. She is a member of the Merchants of Menace.
Flying Fist Chapter 18,
Postlude 8
Toshiro Tatsumaki’s father was a brilliant physicist with a gambling problem. Knowing the yakuza were coming to cut off his father’s arm because he couldn’t pay his debts, Toshiro tricked him into going elsewhere and sacrificed his own arm instead. In gratitude to his son, Professor Tatsumaki created a virtual arm with a cybernetic glove to replace his real one. The Flying Fist can extend the arm across great distances, strike his foes from any direction, and even reach through walls and human flesh.
Freddie the Frosh Chapter 11,
Interlude 14; Chapter 15
Freddie Fremont is a freshman at Middleburg High School. He likes girls and enjoys hanging out at Pop Dunlop’s Soda Pop Shoppe with his friends Crew-Cut and Jellybean. Freckle-faced Freddie the Frosh is good-natured but often clumsy. His rash schemes to date girls often land him in trouble. He is fickle, but his favorite girl is Sophomore Sue.
Frigilante Chapter 11 Little is known about Frigilante other than that his freezing powers are the result of atomic mutation. Frigilante can project “freeze blasts,” summon blizzards, and encase anything in his vicinity in solid ice. He is one of the Atom Thrashers.
Galaxia-Five Chapter 5,
Interludes 5, 18;
Galaxia-Five is the fifth generation of a series of androids developed to facilitate human contact with extraterrestrial life in deep space and hostile alien environments. Her name is short for Genetically ALtered Automatronic eXtraterrestrial Intelligence Ambassador, Mark V. Her home base is Star Station Sigma. Genetically engineered for sensitivity and self-sacrifice, Galaxia-Five was designed to embody ideal female beauty and programmed with all human knowledge. She carries a Neuron Disruptor and wears a selectroscopic lens that inputs data at high speed. A Special Liaison Officer of the Pan-Galactic Navy, she is aide to Admiral Clavius Carpenter.
Gamelans Chapter 13 The planet Gamela is home to the most skilled musicians in the universe. Gamelans are a member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance. Gamelans have no vocal apparatus; they communicate through music, carrying many bells, chimes and instruments at all times. They have troubled relations with the neighboring Aphonians, who claim to be able to hear them across hundreds of millions of miles of space.
Gene Teens Chapters 3, 13, 14, 15 Investigating incidents of mutation near facilities of energy conglomerate OmniCorp, genetics professor Eugene Tennyson found a number of young outcasts with freakish abilities. He offered them refuge from a world that shunned them and a chance to learn to use their powers for good. Though embittered against humanity, the Gene Teens often fight threats against it under the guidance of “Dean Gene.” But Tennyson’s kindly exterior masks the fact that his own empathic abilities are the result of mutation, and that he is using them to recruit an army in what he foresees as an inevitable war between humans and mutants. The Gene Teens include Vitriol, Psiphon, Mantelope and the Human Icicle.
General Electron Chapters 2, 4, 15 General Electron appears to have a military background and seems accustomed to command, but apart from that, little is known about him. He leads the Shock Troops, warriors with electrical powers like his own. In addition to possessing superhuman stamina and strength, General Electron can hurl bolts of electricity. His Shock Troops include ThunderJolt, HotWire and DynaMojo.
Gill Girl Chapter 2,
Interlude 14
Attacked by a great white shark, surfing champion Gillian Love was rescued by H2Overlord, but not before she suffered injuries that would have killed her
had he not rushed her to the undersea kingdom of Aquatania. There surgeons saved her with procedures similar to those that had transformed H2Overlord’s father into the Aqua-Marine.
Gill Girl can breathe air as well as water, though she would eventually suffocate on land. Like Aqua-Marine, she can swim at extraordinary speed, and has enhanced strength and stamina. H2Overlord tried to make her his protégé, but the free-spirited Gill Girl prefers to seek adventure on her own on the aqua-jet surfboard given her by Aquatanian scientists. She is one of the TNTeenagers.
Golden Boy Chapter 3 When Skylord stopped the Avant Guard from looting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, all the artwork that had been magically animated by Sir
Real reverted to its inanimate state except a golden statuette from ancient Egypt. Instead, it grew to human size and announced that, just as Skylord was an avatar of the Egyptian god Ra, it was the spirit of fellow god Amun, reincarnated to help fight the forces of darkness.
Golden Boy, as Amun is called in the poor neighborhoods he defends, can levitate, teleport, and perform seeming miracles with his ankh. He turned down membership in the Pantheon of Power, explaining that his mission is to help the oppressed. He has teamed up with Black Powerhouse to battle drug dealers and other criminals who prey upon the poor.
Gray Golem Chapter 3,
Interlude 14
Judah Kinstler was a famed Jewish artist in Prague in 1939 when it was invaded by Nazis led by Colonel Cadaverus (not yet undead), who stole all his work. Using mystic rites of the Kabbalah, Kinstler sculpted a giant figure out of enchanted clay and sacrificed his own humanity to animate it with his life force so it could battle evil. The Gray Golem is powerful and virtually indestructible, but retains only a tiny shard of Judah Kinstler’s intellect and personality. In the absence of what it perceives as the threat of evil, it reverts to immobility. Using her powers of seduction, Demonica deceived the Golem into joining her Damnation Army.
H2Overlord Postlude 10;
Chapters 2, 3,
Interlude 14
H2Overlord is the son of the World War II superhero Aqua-Marine and the mermaid Eleanor. Raised in the underwater city of Aquatania, he grew up determined to honor his heritage by making the seas safe for humanity and ocean-dwellers alike. H2Overlord inherited Aqua-Marine’s strength and speed, while his mother taught him to how to communicate with all undersea life. He is a charter member of the Pantheon of Power.
H2Overweight Interlude 14 H2Overweight is the analogue of H2Overlord in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. H2Overweight can breathe underwater and communicate with fish, but they pay no attention to him. It is said that he is so fat that he makes the ocean’s level rise simply by getting into it. He is a member of the Pantywaists of Power.
Hammer Interlude 14 Son of a Moscow steelworker, Mikhail Mechnikov was taken from his parents in early childhood and subjected to rigorous training and painful surgeries to mold him into Russia’s answer to Liberty Lad, a living symbol of Soviet supremacy. Together with his partner Sickle, he was conscripted into the Cold Warriors, but they both later recanted Communism and defected to the West. Hammer is a superb athlete and fighter whose skills have been artificially augmented by surgeries that laced his muscles with experimental polymers and his bones with metal. His hammer, made of one-of-a-kind alloy, can shatter steel; he wears magnetized gauntlets that always return it to his grip. He and his partner and lover Sickle eventually became reservists in the Pantheon of Power.
Harmadillo Chapter 3 Baron Brain created an armored exoskeleton laced with antimatter mined in the Netherverse, and trained mercenary Delbert “Killer” Dillard to wear it in battle against the Pantheon of Power. Harmadillo’s exoskeleton gives him greatly enhanced strength, and the antimatter alloy in its gauntlets allows him to deflect any weapon and destroy any obstacle.
Hip-Hop Hippos Chapter 13,
Interlude 14
The Hip-Hop Hippos are anthropomorphic hippopotamuses proficient in urban music and martial arts. From their Hip-Hop Hippodome they battle criminals and aliens, as well as competing in breakdancing and freestyle rapping with their untalented rival Tone Def. Coleridge, MC Shelley, Beatmaster Keats and DJ Wordsworth comprise the Hip-Hop Hippos. In addition to their black-and-white comic book, they have an animated TV show, music albums and a plethora of tie-in toys and merchandise.
Howlet the Flying Fledgling Chapter 10,
Interlude 14
Screech Owl found 10-year-old Frankie Farrell amid the wreckage of a plane crash that had killed his family. He adopted the traumatized boy and overcame his fear of flying by training him as his protégé. (It was later revealed that the Voice of Doom had caused the crash to kill Frankie’s father, a federal agent). Like Screech Owl, Howlet can glide for long distances in his flying suit and emit a powerful Sonic Shriek that has various effects. He is a member of the TNTeenagers.
Human Icicle Chapter 2 Son of an OmniCorp cryogenicist, Sheldon “Shivers” Stevens was ridiculed as a child because he was always cold, no matter how warmly he dressed. In adolescence he learned to absorb heat from anything and anyone around him. Dr. Eugene Tennyson found him and recruited him into his Gene Teens. Soaking up heat and moisture from the air, the Human Icicle can project waves of coldness and encase anything in his vicinity in solid ice. Under Dean Gene’s tutelage, he has become adept at fabricating and hurling razor-sharp icicles and other frozen projectiles.
InvulneraBelle Chapter 2 Libby Doodle-Dandy is the daughter of World War II superheroes Jim Dandy and Red White & Blue Belle, and inherited many of their abilities. InvulneraBelle inherited her mother’s strength and invulnerability and her father’s agility and speed. Unlike Red White & Blue Belle, she does not need to wear the Stars and Stripes to wield her powers, but she does so anyway, to honor her mother’s legacy.
Jenny Jenkins Chapters 3, 5; passim Archaeology student Jenny Jenkins was smitten by her handsome professor Bradley Benton and accompanied him into the Arabian Desert to find the lost city of Ubar, little knowing that Baron Brain had arranged for Benton to be killed once he had led the Baron to the legendary Sunstone. (It was later revealed that the Baron had seduced Jenny into betraying Benton.) Beautiful and vain, Jenny Jenkins abandoned archaeology after returning from the Ubar expedition and became a fashion model. Despite having betrayed Bradley Benton, she continued to be his lover after he became the superhero Skylord, but secretly she also enjoys the obsessive attention of Baron Brain.
Junior Sky Squadron Chapters 1, 7, Interlude 14 Sparky the Flaming Lad’s tough Brooklyn street pals were the nucleus of the Junior Sky Squadron, who occasionally helped Skylord in combat. The Junior Sky Squadron flew modified versions of Bash Callahan’s legendary Aero Sled. Colossal Comics offered readers Squadron membership cards well into the 1970s.
King Crab Chapter 3, Postlude 10 When Pollutex the Eco-Maniac dumped atomic waste into the Bering Sea, it caused an ordinary crab to grow tenfold in size and intelligence. King Crab has monstrous strength and razor-sharp claws. His spiny skeleton is impervious to conventional weapons. The Merchants of Menace exploited his hatred of humanity to enlist him.
Kremlin Gremlin Interlude 14 Grigor Gretchenko was the Soviet Union’s most brilliant scientist, but was mocked and despised for his tiny stature and extreme ugliness. Conscripted into the Cold Warriors by the Red Menace, he served ably and faithfully despite the Menace’s constant hectoring and abuse. (Later it was revealed that the Menace was actually a robot created and controlled by the Gremlin.) The Kremlin Gremlin has no superhuman abilities, but his arsenal of weapons and gadgets make him a formidable opponent. He is also surprisingly fast and agile, but his greatest weapon is his extreme cunning and guile.
Laserblade Chapters 2, 11; passim Laserblade has superhuman strength and invulnerability and wields a Plasma Sword whose fiery blade can cut through virtually anything. Laserblade’s origin and true name are unknown. Some have noted similarities between Laserblade and the Colossal Comics character Riplash.
Liberty Lad Chapter 2,
Interlude 14
Twins Dickie and Dottie Doodle were orphaned when their mother’s weak heart gave out after she learned their father had died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. One night, the spirit of Lady Liberty visited them in their orphanage and promised them great power if they would use it to always fight for America. In addition to superior strength, speed and stamina, Liberty Lad and his sister Red White & Blue Belle were invulnerable as long as they wore or carried the Stars and Stripes. When Dickie Doodle retired and married, his son Danny carried on his legacy as the second Liberty Lad.
Lunivac the Mad Robot Chapter 2,
Interlude 14, Postlude 10
An early experiment in artificial intelligence, Lunivac was a robot intended to be sent to the moon to gather ore samples while transmitting live television signals back to Earth. But his rocket failed and crashed into the sea, scrambling his processors. Powerful enough to crush ore, Lunivac also has a ray blaster designed for mining it. His damaged processors misinterpret incoming television signals as commands. The Merchants of Menace exploited his malfunction to recruit him into their ranks.
Madam Butterfly Chapter 2 Widow of a yakuza leader slain by his rivals, Fumiko Matsuzaki took his place and took ruthless revenge on them. To consolidate her power, she had her minions steal plans for the Molecular Magnet (given to Mister Micro by its dying inventor) and developed her own version of its size-shrinking technology. Madam Butterfly can shrink in size and gains strength in reverse proportion to the mass she sheds. She also has mechanical wings created by her criminal scientists that enable her to fly. She is beautiful but utterly ruthless.
Malleable Man Chapter 2 Waldo Pflug was a janitor at international conglomerate OmniCorp when, while collecting trash one night, he stumbled upon documents incriminating the company. Spotted by security, he fled and fell into a vat of chemical waste, where he was left for dead. But he survived, and when he emerged, he found he had gained super-stretching abilities. Malleable Man can stretch and contort his body into virtually any shape and can even imitate objects and other people convincingly. He has an odd knack for blundering onto clues and fancies himself a detective.
Manotaur Interlude 14,
Chapter 19
Baron Brain constructed an immense labyrinth and imprisoned Jenny Jenkins in it, knowing Skylord would come to rescue her. When he did, the Baron freed the Manotaur, a monstrous
experiment in gene splicing, and let him loose in the labyrinth to kill Skylord.
The Manotaur was fierce, implacable, and so powerful that even Skylord couldn’t defeat him. He was on the brink of killing Skylord when Jenny’s tearful pleas touched his dormant human heart. Enraged at the betrayal, Baron Brain detonated the fail-safe device he had implanted in the Manotaur, killing him.
Martian Marshal Chapter 14 Pursuing two female train robbers to the wreckage of a spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico, in the 1880s, U.S. Marshal Hezekiah Martin followed them into a singularity and found himself transported to an abandoned mining settlement on Mars. Mastering the settlement’s life-support systems with the help of telepathic records left behind by the long-vanished Martians, Marshal Martin paved the way for other settlers who discovered portals from the American West to the New Frontier on Mars.
Master Chef Chapter 9 Son of a legendary European chef, Gaston de Vries had his taste buds destroyed by a rival just before the gala opening of his New York restaurant. The food he served as a result was so awful that he was ridiculed and ruined, driving him criminally insane. The Master Chef weaponizes foods and cooking implements to commit crimes. His mad dream is to finance a chain of restaurants that will serve food so terrible that everyone in the world will have as damaged a sense of taste as his own.
Master Chin Chapters 7, 15 Master Chin is a revered monk in the Tibetan lamasery of Kwang Duk and the mentor of Phantom Ninja and Bloodgeon. Though he is ancient, Master Chin remains a matchless martial arts master as well as a mystic of great power.
Merchants of Menace Interlude 14, Postlude 10 The Merchants of Menace are a gang of freelance superhuman criminals for hire. At various times the Merchants’ fractious membership has included Flower Child, Harmadillo, King Crab, Lunivac the Mad Robot, Pollutex the Eco-Maniac, and Shehemoth.
Mescaline Man Interlude 3 An uptight accountant at mammoth Leviathan Industries, Wendell Whitebred is scorned by his boss, wife, kids and dog. Little do they know that when Wendell activates the Peyote Pendant, he becomes the winged defender of heads and hippies everywhere. “The highest-flying hero of all,” Mescaline Man can instantly transform narcs, military officers and corporate fascists into blissful pacifists. Mescaline Man publisher Rogue Planet Press deliberately provoked Colossal Comics into suing them for infringing on Skylord’s copyright. After the case dragged on for many years, Colossal finally won. But they were unable to collect any damages to defray their high legal costs, since Rogue Planet had long since gone bankrupt.
Miracle Lamb Interlude 12,
Chapter 16
Outraged by what he perceived as immorality in Skylord comic books, Rev. Jasper Buskirk created a funny-animal version of the New Testament. Miracle Lamb, the Ovine Savior, is a funny-animal analogue of Jesus Christ.
Missquito Chapters 2, 3, 15, Postlude 10 Sailing Mistress s’Qeeta was a fleet officer from the planet Insecta, where insects have evolved into the dominant life form. When the Pantheon of
Power opposed Insecta’s invasion of Earth, s’Qeeta fell in love with Mister Micro and betrayed her planet for him. After her fleet fled in defeat,
s’Qeeta remained on Earth and joined the Pantheon as Missquito, ostensibly to atone — but her true motive was to be close to Micro.
Missquito has the powers of an Insectan warrior, including wings that enable her to fly, a powerful bioelectric sting, and the abilities to emit radiance like a firefly and spin webs and cocoons as strong as steel. She is naturally insect-sized, but Insectan technology permits her to expand to human size at will. Despite her best efforts, Mister Micro seems immune to her feminine charms.
Mister Micro Chapter 1, Interlude 1, Chapters 3, 8, 9, 19 Wealthy socialite Curtis Ballantine rushed into a burning laboratory too late to save the scientist whose strange experiment had ignited the blaze, but in time to rescue the man’s daughter. In gratitude, the dying scientist bequeathed Ballantine his greatest invention: the Molecular Magnet. (Later it was revealed that the fire had actually been set by operatives of Madam Butterfly to conceal their theft of Molecular Magnet technology.)

The Molecular Magnet opens a dimensional portal to a subatomic universe called Minutia. With it Mister Micro can control how much of his mass is absorbed into Minutia, allowing him to reduce his size at will. He is a member of the Pantheon of Power.

Moaning Lisa Chapters 2, 3, 9, 15, 
Interludes 14, 15, 17
Moaning Lisa is spectacularly attractive young woman who believes there is “not enough love in the world” and has trouble turning down the sexual advances of virtually anyone. Star of a long-running comic strip in Hotthouse magazine and a live-action direct-to-video feature, Moaning Lisa was eventually revealed to be the daughter of Scorchy the Red-Hot Redhead.
Myrmidonians Chapters 5, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20; Postlude 6 Myrmidon, a giant planet with many moons, is home to a race of stoical warriors who scorn comfort and are fierce in battle. Myrmidonians are one of the less tractable member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance. Myrmidonians are pachydermal, with flapping ears, articulated noses and thick purple hides. They have troubled relations with the neighboring Drakkonians,
with whom they nearly went to war when moons of their respective planets threatened to collide.
N’Ganga Interlude 13 Witch doctor of the hidden African kingdom of Simballah, N’Ganga was exiled for failing to stop a dysentery outbreak that was halted by explorer Sir Humphrey Huntington-Smythe. In retaliation, he killed Sir Humphrey, his wife, and his entire expedition. N’Ganga is a master of juju and spells as well as a savage fighter who has magically enhanced his own strength and longevity. He is the greatest foe of She-Zanna, who as an infant was the sole survivor of his massacre of the Huntington-Smythe expedition.
Nick Flintlock Interlude 8 Detective Nick Flintlock was a maverick cop who dispensed his own brand of justice on the mean streets of LA with his non-regulation .50-caliber handgun. His tagline was: “You have the right to remain bleeding.” Nick Flintlock was played by actor Brantwood Cameron in a series of successful action films, including Blood Spatter, Excessive Force, Extreme Prejudice and Blunt Force Trauma.
Night Knight Chapter 3 Jonathan Black was the young son of devil worshippers who attempted to sacrifice him to Demonica, Niece of Satan. But Demonica took Jonathan’s parents instead, and let him live to experience the lifelong agony of seeing them pulled screaming to eternal torment. Though he hated the occult, Black devoted himself to studying it and became a master sorcerer. Armored in solid darkness as the Night Knight, he banishes his enemies to an infernal dimension where there is no light and from which there is no escape.
Our Butler the Chimp Interludes 4, 8 One day, rural gas station attendant Rufus Stump helped a bearded eccentric whose car had broken down. Not long after he was startled to learn that he had inherited the estate of late oil billionaire T. Howard Terwilliger – provided he retained the services of Terwilliger’s butler, a trained chimpanzee named Beppo. Along with his sassy wife Coretta, his hulking son Lunk and his sexy daughter Eulabelle, Rufus moved from Perdition, Arkansas to the Terwilliger
estate. His family’s efforts to mix with Dallas society were constantly upended by Beppo, who loved to play mischievous tricks on their snooty neighbors.
Pan-Galactic Navy Chapter 4, Interlude 5, Chapters 4, 14, 15 The Pan-Galactic Navy is the military arm of the Universal Sentient Alliance, a coalition of civilized species that includes (and, some complain, is dominated by) humanity. In addition to defending the Alliance from outside threats, the Navy is tasked with finding new civilizations and recruiting them into the USA. The Pan-Galactic Navy is divided into fleets of starships by galaxy, such as the Andromeda Fleet. These fleets are dispatched from massive star stations designated by letters of the Greek alphabet, including Star Station Sigma.
Pantheon of Power Chapter 3,
Postlude 10;
The Pantheon of Power is a team comprising many Colossal Comics superheroes. From their five-dimensional Citadel of Victory, they track emergencies on their global Trouble Monitor. Their motto is: Where one might fail, many shall prevail. The Pantheon includes Skylord, Screech Owl, Steel Skull, H2Overlord, Phantom Ninja, Mister Micro, Cheshire Cat and Missquito, as well as trainee Riplash and reservists Swashbuckler and She-Zanna.
Pantywaists of Power Interlude 14 The Pantywaists of Power are analogues of the Pantheon of Power in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. Their motto is: Where one might fail, many will screw things up completely. The Pantywaists include Skylard, Stench Fowl, H2Overweight, Phantom Ninny and Stale Skull. They attempt to track emergencies on the global Flub Monitor in
their Citadel of Failure, but never remember to pay their cable bill.
Phanto the Haunted Horse Interlude 14 A magnificent black stallion, Phanto was so wild that he became legendary in the Old West as a demon horse from hell. Pitch black, he was virtually invisible at night. The Sagebrush Kid was the only man who could ride Phanto. Not only was he the fastest horse in the West; Phanto was also remarkably intelligent, and saved Sagebrush many times with his hundreds of tricks.
Phantom Ninja Chapters 1, 7, 8, 15, 19 From childhood, Phantom Ninja was trained in combat, stealth and the arcane arts by ancient Master Chin in the Tibetan lamasery of Kwang Duk. His true name is unknown. Phantom Ninja is a master of all martial arts and forms of armed combat. He has superhuman stealth and total control of his body functions. He is a member of the Pantheon of Power.
Phantom Ninny Interlude 14 Phantom Ninny is the analogue of Phantom Ninja in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. He is a member of the Pantywaists of Power. Phantom Ninny was poorly trained in martial arts on a New Jersey llama farm that he mistook for a lamasery. He is too clumsy to sneak up on anyone without being discovered.
Platinum Blonde Chapter 13,
Interlude 14
Bored with nightclubs and playboys, beautiful mining heiress Trixie van der Worth took up crimefighting on a lark with the help of her chauffeur Carstairs, a mechanical whiz who was also handy with a gun. Platinum Blonde had no superhuman powers but was fit and athletic. Her minimal costume included a platinum-plated breastplate and arm guards. With her Dazzle Diamond she could blind and mesmerize her opponents.
Plymouth Rocky Chapter 13 When college football star Randall Rogan became the All-American Eagle to avenge his father’s death at the hands of a Nazi saboteur, his teammate Rocky Rhodes insisted on becoming his sidekick. Plymouth Rocky had no superhuman abilities but was a muscular fullback in prime physical condition. What he lacked in brains he made up in pluck and fierce loyalty to the All-American Eagle.
Pollutex the Eco-Maniac Interlude 14 Disgraced scientist Ridley Thorndyke was secretly hired by energy conglomerate OmniCorp to stage high-profile acts of ecological terrorism that the company would pretend to oppose, thus diverting attention from their own environmentally destructive practices. Due to his exposure to pollution, Pollutex must wear a special insulated suit and respirator. The suit also provides him with limited invulnerability and enhanced strength, a jet pack for transportation through water and air, and gauntlets that fire toxic gases and corrosive substances.
Prince Pepperoni Interludes 1, 3 Prince Pepperoni is the mascot of Prince Pepperoni’s Pizza Palace, a chain of pizza restaurants that cater to children with costumed characters, party rooms and video games. Prince Pepperoni is the monarch of Pizzavania, “the yummiest place on Earth,” where the pizza is “fit for royalty.” The Count of Crispi Crusto is his faithful chancellor.
Psiphon Chapter 13 Born near an OmniCorp chemical plant, Teresa Tedesco has a long, flexible tube in place of a nose and grew up hidden from the world by her ashamed parents. She learned to live vicariously, absorbing others’ thoughts and memories through her proboscis. Discovered by Dr. Eugene Tennyson, she joined his Gene Teens. Through her psychic proboscis, Psiphon can read minds and absorb others’ memories, skills, and even their super-powers. In the process she renders them helpless and can erase their minds permanently if she doesn’t stop. When Dean Gene found her, she was so isolated that she barely spoke, but under his tutelage she is learning to relate to her teammates as well as control her power.
Red Menace Interlude 14 A 50-foot colossus whose features were hidden under a red hood, the Red Menace ruthlessly commanded the Cold Warriors and was a dreaded symbol of Soviet authority. (It was later revealed that the Menace was actually a giant robot controlled by the Kremlin Gremlin.) Seemingly indestructible, the Red Menace shrugged off conventional weaponry as he bellowed Communist propaganda and crushed his helpless victims beneath his steel-shod jackboots. But when the Kremlin Gremlin was captured and disarmed, the Menace suddenly froze and collapsed.
Red White & Blue Belle Interlude 14 Twins Dottie and Dickie Doodle were orphaned when their father died in the attack on Pearl Harbor and their mother’s weak heart failed as she heard the news. One night, the spirit of Lady Liberty visited them in their orphanage and promised them great power if they would always use it to fight for America. In addition to superior strength, speed and stamina, Red White & Blue Belle and her brother Liberty Lad were invulnerable as long as they wore or carried the Stars and Stripes. After Dottie grew up and married hero Jim Dandy, their daughter Libby carried on her legacy as InvulneraBelle.
Reptilikons Chapters 13, 14 Reptilika is an outlaw planet, home to a serpent race of pirates who prey on trade among the Universal Sentient Alliance and frequently skirmish with the Pan-Galactic Navy. Naturally cruel and rapacious, the Reptilikons are ruled by the ruthless space pirate Serpentus.
Riplash Chapters 3, 6;
Riplash was created by Baron Brain to destroy Skylord. Immensely strong and invulnerable, he wields the Ion Whip, which can cut through virtually anything. Skylord freed Riplash from the control of Baron Brain and made him his protégé, training him to join the Pantheon of Power.
Safari from Saturn Interlude 13 When alien poachers abducted animals from her hidden kingdom of Simballah to stock their interplanetary zoo on the Saturnian moon Titan, She-Zanna deliberately allowed herself to be captured and taken aboard their flying saucer. On Titan, She-Zanna led alien beasts as well as her own animal subjects against their captors. She imprisoned the poachers in their own cages and summoned the Interplanetary Police, who returned the stolen creatures to their respective worlds.
Sagebrush Kid Chapter 3 A storekeeper in the violent boomtown of Sagebrush, Nevada, Bart Buck was so timid that no one suspected that he was secretly the notorious Sagebrush Kid, who made daring raids on the gold and silver shipments of Ore Mining of Nevada, Inc. The Kid rode Phanto the Haunted Horse; his sidekick was Senor Sombrero. The Sagebrush Kid was legendary for his quick draw and deadly aim. He stole only from Ore Mining of Nevada, Inc., and gave the money to the homesteaders whose land OMNI had stolen to build their mines and railroads. (Eventually it was revealed that Bart Buck was a descendant of Bartholomew Buckingham, aka Swashbuckler.)
Satyrikons Chapter 14 Notorious as the “Pleasure Planet,” Satyrika is home to a hedonistic race that take pride in offering every variety of sensual pleasure imaginable. Despite being widely suspected of trafficking with the outlaw Reptilikons, Satyrikons are a member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance, although the Thoraxi have called for their ouster. Satyrikons are extremely promiscuous and highly ingenious about the challenges of sexual activity between species. They have three genders — male, female, and threemale — that sometimes join in unions called triads, though all the partners typically engage in sexual activities with others, both separately and collectively.
Scorchy the Red-Hot Redhead Interlude 14 Scorchy was a fun-loving but innocent young woman who didn’t understand the effect her beauty had on men. She had various occupations, including dancer, actress, model, and private in the Women’s Army Corps. Scorchy eventually came to the attention of President Franklin Roosevelt, who gave her the honorary position of Secretary of Morale to acknowledge the popularity of her pin-ups among servicemen. After Hotthouse Media acquired Peach-E-Keen Magazines, she was revealed to be the mother of Moaning Lisa.
Screech Owl Chapters 3, 10, 11, 13, 14,
Interlude 14, Chapters 15, 16
At age 10, Howell Tate saw his wealthy parents murdered by escaped convicts they’d discovered hiding in their mansion. Haunted by his mother’s dying screams, he trained himself to physical perfection and created a winged flying suit, a high-tech Owl Car, and a Sonic Shriek to make criminals experience the same terror his mother had. In addition to Olympic-level athleticism and a keen mind, Screech Owl can glide for long distances. But his greatest weapon is his Sonic Shriek, which he can modulate to inspire terror or shatter steel. His junior partner is Howlet the Flying Fledgling. He is a member of the Pantheon of Power.
Senor Sombrero Chapter 3 Senor Sombrero was the Mexican sidekick of the Sagebrush Kid. Senor Sombrero’s face was always hidden beneath his huge sombrero, under which he was continually trying to sneak siestas. Though lazy, he was good-natured, and Sagebrush enjoyed his amusing company.
Sergeant Stringent Interlude 14 After seeing him in action as a professional wrestler, Captain Combat recruited Sergeant Stringent to be the chief training officer of the commando team COMBAT. A crack drill instructor, Sergeant Stringent is also a master of unarmed combat, often employing unorthodox holds from his wrestling days. Corporal Punishment is his second-in-command.
Serpentus Chapters 13, 14, 17; Interlude 17 Serpentus is the ruthless and cunning leader of the Reptilikons, an outlaw race of space pirates who frequently battle the Pan-Galactic Navy. After Clavius Carpenter maneuvered him into a black hole in which he was trapped for 10 years, Serpentus swore vengeance against the only starship admiral ever to defeat him.
Shehemoth Postlude 10 Soviet decathlete Zdenka Krushnikov was given experimental drugs to enhance her Olympic performance. But instead, they turned her into a brutish monster with both male and female characteristics. Savage and super-strong, Shehemoth retains little intellect but all his/her athletic abilities. Shehemoth was one of the Cold Warriors, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he/she joined the Merchants of Menace.
Shenanigoons Interlude 14 The Shenanigoons are anthropomorphic animals who play in a rock band and have zany misadventures together. Their archenemy is the Mod Professor, an untalented musician who covets their success. The Shenanigoons are Tripley, Groover, Digby and Van Go-Go. In addition to a live-action TV series on Saturday morning TV, they also had a comic book and a hit song in the late 1960s.
She-Zanna Chapter 3, Interlude 3, Interlude 13, Chapter 14, Interlude 14, Chapter 19, Postlude 10 As an infant, Philippa Huntington-Smythe was poisoned by the vengeful N’Ganga, along with her African explorer father. But before he died, her
father transfused her blood with that of a mysterious white leopard, which subsequently raised her to adulthood.
She-Zanna has extraordinary strength, stamina, agility, senses and longevity, as well as fearsome ferocity. She is the widow of Bash Callahan and mother of the Cheshire Cat, and a reserve member of the Pantheon of Power.
Shirley the Furry Squirrel Interlude 14 Mischievous but good-hearted, Shirley the Squirrel is a masseuse at Tree’s Company, a massage parlor in the anthropomorphic animal community of Furdonia. Rev. Jasper Buskirk’s protests against Shirley led to the arrest of a Michigan comic store clerk for possession and sale of obscene materials. The case is on appeal.
Shonen Gumball Warrior Schoolgirls

Interlude 14, Chapter 16, Interlude 17

PiPi, Foo Foo and Yum-Yum are students at Shonen High School in late 21st century Hiroshima who share a magic amulet. Though they sometimes fight over it as well as over boys, they put their differences aside when fighting the Inkubi, extraterrestrial invaders who have infiltrated their school. PiPi, Foo Foo and Yum-Yum are advanced martial artists and proficient with guns, nunchaku and other weapons. When they join hands, each triples in power. Hugely popular in Japan, they appear in anime films and manga and have a wide array of tie-in merchandise.
Sickle Interlude 14 Svetlana Smirnov was taken from her collective farm in early childhood and underwent rigorous training and painful surgeries to become the Russian equivalent of Red White & Blue Belle, a living symbol of the Soviet state. But her masters did not anticipate her falling in love with her partner, Hammer, or on the two of them defecting to the West. Sickle’s superb athletic, gymnastic and fighting skills have been surgically enhanced with experimental polymers in her muscles and metal in her bones. She is deadly both wielding and throwing her sickle, which can slice through solid steel. Hammer is her partner and lover. Both of them were Cold Warriors, but eventually became reservists in the Pantheon of Power.
Simia the
Interlude 13 Seeking the secret of She-Zanna’s prolonged youth and beauty, aging cosmetics tycoon Venus Valentine captured a rare albino gorilla on an African safari and transfused its blood into hers. The gorilla’s blood restored Valentine’s youth and beauty, but also made her periodically transform into a half-human, half-simian creature so strong and savage that even She-Zanna could barely defeat her.
Sinistra the Teen-Age Vampire Interlude 14 A classmate of Freddie the Frosh at Middleburg High School, Sinistra Bloodworth is secretly a vampire who lives with her Aunt Goria at Fangley’s Funeral Home, where she sleeps in a pink coffin adorned with hearts and flowers. How Sinistra feeds on blood is unclear. Aside from her vampirism, Sinistra is a normal, fun-loving teen-ager, but she must always take care to avoid mirrors and bright sunlight. She can turn into a bat and often uses hypnotism to make people forget they have seen evidence that she’s a vampire, as well as to attract boys she likes.
Sir Real Interlude 14 Alain Figuier, the Culture Vulture, discovered the mystic Kabbalah rites that created the Gray Golem and revealed them to failed artist Rollo Sirk, who used them to stage acts of terror as “performance art.” Sir Real can bring his bizarre paintings to life in three dimensions, wreaking havoc and terror. Conversely, he can absorb real people into his paintings, trapping them there. He is a member of the Avant Guard.
Skaar the Savage Interlude 14 Bastard son of a king and a tavern wench, Skaar was the most fearsome warrior in the antediluvian kingdom of Throngoria. His comic-book adventures are adapted from and inspired by 1930s pulp magazine stories by the prolific alcoholic D. Collingsworth Frick. A fierce and deadly swordsman, Skaar carved a trail of blood across Throngoria in his quest for the throne he considered his birthright. He particularly disliked sorcerers.
Skylard Interlude 14 Also known as the Soaring Suet Ball and the Adipose Avenger, Skylard is the analogue of Skylord in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. When archaeologist Badly Bent became hopelessly lost in the desert, he stumbled upon the Stunstone, a mystic artifact that gave him super-powers but also made him enormously fat. Skylard is a member of the Pantywaists of Power.
Skylord Chapters 1, 3, 5, Postlude 10;
Betrayed during a desert expedition, dying archaeologist Bradley Benton stumbled upon the Sunstone, a mystic artifact that transformed him into a winged superhero. Skylord has tremendous strength, powerful wings, radar vision and the ability to radiate solar energy. He is a member of the Pantheon of Power and mentored
Sparky the Flaming Lad and Riplash. Jenny Jenkins is his sometime girlfriend.
Slowpoke Sloth Interlude 14 Slowpoke was the laziest sloth in Goldbrick Gulch, a hillbilly community of anthropomorphic animals where “the river don’t run, it walks.” Due to a mail mix-up, he was inducted into the U.S. Army. During World War II, the War Department used Slowpoke Sloth in its training manuals as a comical example of a poor soldier.
Sluggernaut Chapters 11, 14, 17; Interlude 14 Little is known about Sluggernaut other than that his power is the result of atomic mutation. Massive and powerful, Sluggernaut grows even stronger and more invulnerable when he is enraged, which is most of the time. He is one of the Atom Thrashers.
Slyme, the Ooze that Walks Like a Man Chapter 3,
Interlude 14
Slyme arose from the waters of Desperation Swamp outside Baton Rouge. Some believe he generated spontaneously in the atomic waste dumped in the swamp by a nearby OmniCorp plant, while others say he was summoned by houngans angered over the pollution. (It was later revealed that Demonica, Niece of Satan had performed a blasphemous ritual to create Slyme.) Slyme is slow-moving but powerful and impervious to harm or pain. He leaves a toxic trail of destructive chemicals in his wake. Slyme is mindless but instinctively drawn to anguish and evil. Demonica, the only person able to control him even partially, drafted Slyme into her Damnation Army.
Sniffy the Lonesome Skunk Interlude 14 Sniffy is an anthropomorphic skunk on a popular live-action children’s television program. Sniffy lives in Stinkwood Swamp and was lonely because no one would play with him until Timothy Tortoise befriended him.
Sophomore Sue Interlude 14,
Chapter 15
Sue Miller is a sophomore at Middleburg High School. She is pretty, vain, and something of a snob. Sophomore Sue is highly popular with boys, but sometimes consents to date Freddie the Frosh.
Sparky the Flaming Lad Interlude 1, Chapters 2, 3, 8, 10, Interlude 14, Postlude 7 Sylvester “Sparky” Smith was an orphan who grew up tough on the streets of Brooklyn. One day Skylord spotted him defending a smaller boy against a gang of bullies. Impressed, Skylord used his solar ray to carve off a shard of the Sunstone. It instantly adhered to Sparky’s chest, granting him a portion of Skylord’s power. Sparky had the same powers as Skylord, but to a lesser degree. When he flew, his wings emitted a fiery trail. Eventually he rebelled against Skylord and formed his own super-team, the TNTeenagers, but still returned to help his mentor from time to time. He died at the hands of Baron Brain.
Spitting Cobra Chapter 1 Experimenting with snake venom, chemist Morgan Eales accidentally transformed himself into a bizarre creature half-man and half-snake, with the predatory instincts of a reptile. The Spitting Cobra can slither through tight spaces and crush prey in his powerful coils. He can also hypnotize his prey and discharge poison that can render his victims unconscious, comatose or dead.
Squawky Interlude 14 When Skylord and the Junior Sky Squadron fought Colonel Cadaverus and his Luftwaffe of the Lost, Skylord was surprised to see a hawk join their formation, and even more startled when the bird ensured the Colonel’s defeat by distracting him at a key moment with his squawks and screams. After the battle, the hawk followed Skylord home and took up residence with him. Squawky, as Skylord named him, was an amazingly intelligent bird who could open locks, disarm criminals and perform many other tricks. What became of him is unknown.
Star Station Sigma Chapter 4, Interlude, 5, Chapter 13, Interlude 18, Postlude 6; passim Star Station Sigma is a massive space base of the Pan-Galactic Navy, staffed and inhabited by representatives of many member races of the Universal Sentient Alliance. Admiral Clavius Carpenter commands Star Station Sigma. His aide is Special Liaison Officer Galaxia-Five.
Steel Skull Chapters 1, 2, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17;
Postlude 10
Stricken with an immobilizing nerve disease, playboy industrialist Andrew Steele devoted his fortune to finding a cure. His scientists developed an exoskeleton he could mentally control with a skull-shaped cybernetic helmet. (It was later revealed that Steele had only dreamed he was a billionaire; actually he was teenage skateboarding champion Andy Steele, who was given the exoskeleton to save his life after he was severely injured in a stunt.) The Steel Skull exoskeleton renders Steele invulnerable to all but the most powerful weapons, as well as giving him greatly increased strength, computer-enhanced senses and the ability to fire short-range electromagnetic blasts and other weapons. Steel Skull is a member of the Pantheon of Power.
Stench Fowl Interlude 14 Stench Fowl is the analogue of Screech Owl in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. He is a member of the Pantywaists of Power. His junior partner is Yowlet the Fleeing Fledgling. Like the chicken he resembles in his winged suit, Stench Fowl can fly only for short distances while fleeing from danger. His greatest weapon is his Septic Stink, which is so powerful it makes criminals (and everyone else) pass out.
Sultana Satana Chapter 13 Beautiful and ruthless, Sultana Satana sought to expand her drug smuggling and white slavery operations from the Middle East to New York City. She was adept with drugs and poisons and had the hypnotic power to make men love her and do her bidding. Immune to the Sultana’s hypnosis, the Platinum Blonde thwarted her scheme to entice New York’s most beautiful debutantes into her nightclubs and gambling dens so she could drug them and sell them into Middle Eastern harems.
Sunblaze Postlude 8 Sunblaze has superhuman strength and invulnerability and carries the Sunspear, whose blazing tip can penetrate virtually anything. Sunblaze’s origin and true name have not been revealed. Some have noted similarities between him and the Fireburst Comics character Laserblade.
Sunspot Kid Chapter 14 The Sunspot Kid is the partner-in-crime of Butch Syzygy, leader of the Black-Hole-in-the-Wall gang of interplanetary outlaws. Deadly with six-shooter and solar blaster alike, the Sunspot Kid frequently matched her skill against the Martian Marshal.
Swashbuckler Chapter 1, Interlude 1, Chapters 3, 8, 10, Interlude 14 The most feared privateer of the 16th century, Bartholomew “Swashbuckler” Buckingham and his crew battled not only the Spanish Armada, but also sea monsters, pirates and supernatural threats. One day, after sailing into a mysterious mist, Buckingham lost consciousness and reawoke 400 years later. Swashbuckler soon discovered that he had been reincarnated as his own descendant, but was still able to summon and command his ghostly crew and galleon. He also learned his new power enabled Cheshire Cat to materialize, and married her. He is a reserve member of the Pantheon of Power.
Thoraxi Interlude 5,
Chapters 13, 14, 15, 19;
Interlude 18
Thoraxi are natives of the planet Thorax, a desolate planet of endless blue alkali deserts, where they inhabit vast underground colonies. They are a member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance. The Thoraxi are a highly developed insectoid civilization who prize organization and collectivism. Industrious, territorial and often rather officious, they are humanity’s main competition for dominance within the USA.
Timothy Tortoise Chapters 9, 16;
Timothy Tortoise is the anthropomorphic star of a popular live-action children’s television program that has spawned many products and spin-offs, including a Colossal Comics series. Timothy Tortoise emphasizes play and happiness over education. His theme song is Hi, my name is Timothy… won’t you come and play with me?
TNTeenagers Interlude 14 Rebelling against their respective mentors Skylord and Screech Owl, Sparky the Flaming Lad and Howlet the Flying Fledgling recruited Gill Girl and Whizz Kid to form a younger, hipper Pantheon of Power. The TNTeenagers meet in a secret clubhouse beneath the TNTearoom, a rock club, and concentrate on threats against young people. In their civilian identities they have a rock band called the TNT-Tones.
Tongo the Living Idol Interlude 13 After discovering a huge stone idol in a hidden African kingdom, two criminals dug inside it and used gimmicks to convince its native worshippers that their angry god demanded tribute in gold and ivory. But when the idol actually stirred to life, the pair fled in terror. Tongo the Living Idol went on a deadly rampage that was halted only when She-Zanna captured the two criminals and turned them over to the natives for
execution. Once their shrunken heads were placed into its eye sockets, Tongo reverted to inanimate stone.
Umami Chapters 14, 18 Umami are natives of the planet Mmm, a resort world renowned for having the best food in the universe. They are a member species of the Universal Sentient Alliance and supply food for
the Pan-Galactic Navy.
Umami are epicures with the most highly developed sense of taste in the universe. They communicate by feeding each other, choosing foods to communicate meaning and seasonings to add nuance.
Universal Sentient Alliance Interludes 5, 6; Chapters 14, 15, 18, 19 An interplanetary organization of species, the Universal Sentient Alliance is an uneasy coalition of most of the civilized races of the known universe. The USA’s directives are enforced by the Pan-Galactic Navy. Under USA protocol, member species acknowledge each other by arranging their hands or appendages in the shape of an English “S,” for “sentient.” The official greeting is “Long live the Alliance”; the reply is “Long live the USA.”
Viet Kong Interlude 14 When Steel Skull brashly attempted to end the Vietnam War single-handed, he found himself opposed by a talking gorilla 50 feet tall that claimed to be the reincarnation of Macaqua, a pagan monkey god whose temple the Skull had unknowingly destroyed. After Steel Skull and Skylord teamed up to subdue Viet Kong, they discovered he was actually the Red Menace in disguise. (It was later revealed that this adventure was merely one of many dreams Steel Skull had while in a coma induced by the Spitting Cobra.)
Vitriol Chapter 13 Jerrod Doucette grew up sickly in Louisiana’s Desperation Swamp, often coughing up acid, and was cast out by his family and community. Dr. Eugene Tennyson discovered him living alone in a shack and recruited him into his Gene Teens. Vitriol can burn through anything he touches and can secrete and spit acid. Bullets dissolve harmlessly on contact with him. Under Dean Gene’s tutelage and using special gloves, he is learning to channel his power.
Voice of Doom Chapter 15 Owen Garrett was a TV announcer so persuasive he could sell almost anything, but he felt his talent was wasted. Reading about government experiments in mind control, he smooth-talked his way into a research facility and stole a top-secret device that so amplified his natural ability that his will became virtually irresistible. The Voice of Doom has a hypnotic voice that can compel virtually anyone to do his bidding. He is also able to perfectly mimic any voice and even duplicate computer code tones. Screech Owl is one of the few people on Earth strong-willed enough to resist him.
Voice of Dumb The Voice of Dumb is the analogue of the Voice of Doom in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. Because of his experience in television, the Voice of Dumb has the ability to lower the IQ of anyone who hears him until they become stupid enough to go along with anything he says.
Wheeze Kid Interlude 14 Wheeze Kid is the analogue of Whizz Kid in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. Wheeze Kid has super-speed but also has asthma, due to which he can only run a few steps before collapsing in exhaustion.
Whizz Kid Interludes 1, 2 While photographing a battle between Skylord and Baron Brain for his high school newspaper, brash track star Denny “Whiz” Walden intercepted a blast from the Baron’s Chrono Cannon that endowed him with superhuman speed. Whizz Kid can move with virtually unlimited speed and possesses superhuman stamina along with invulnerability that protects him from the effects of friction. He is a member of the TNTeenagers.
Yowlet the Fleeing Fledgling Interlude 14 Yowlet is the analogue of Howlet the Flying Fledgling in the Neitherverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by bizarre versions of Colossal Comics heroes and villains. Like his mentor Stench Fowl, Yowlet is afraid of physical violence. Criminals are subdued by the piercing cries of terror he makes as he flees from them.