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RickTODAYfashionRick Schindler grew up in the idyllic northern suburbs of Buffalo, N.Y., a psychic stone’s throw from Archie Andrews’ hometown of Riverdale. His writing career began at age 15 when he won a New York Times award for a short story published in his high school literary magazine.

At 19 he interned on the copy desk of the Buffalo News, where he discovered a knack for headline writing that has served him in good stead until the present day. He went on to a checkered media career that has included stints at HBO, TV Guide and NBC News Digital, where today he is a writer and editor for the website of the venerable American TV show TODAY.

Schindler has won nine national awards for headline writing since 2012: Seven from the American Copy Editors Society as well as two from the Society for Features Journalism, including first place in all divisions, Headline Writing Portfolio, in 2017. Schindler also shared a 2012 Sigma Delta Chi award in online reporting with NBC News’ Bob Dotson.

Schindler lives in White Plains, New York.

Comics Journalism

Rick Schindler has reported and written many stories about comics. Here is a selection.

What’s your superpower?
For Free Comic Book Day 2015, a quiz.

Summa cum superhero: Batman film producer, Spider-Man creator lead free course online
Michael Uslan and Stan Lee want the world to know that comics are as legitimate an American art form as jazz.

New Batman and Superman T-shirts are super-sexist, critics cry
Merchandise licensed by DC Comics stirs controversy.

PC run amok? Female Thor’s debut leaves some thunderstruck
Some claim Marvel’s new thunder goddess is political correctness gone too far, but writer Jason Aaron tells me otherwise, as do a comics retailer and an analyst.

These Marvel Comics anti-bullying covers will make you believe in superheroes
Marvel raises awareness of issue with vivid covers, and TODAY reveals the final one.

Happy Batman Day! 5 reasons we still love him after 75 years
He’s hot, he’s high-tech, and he’s still crazy after all these years.

Female Thor? Marvel Comic’s thunder god is now a goddess
The macho thunder god who has been a Marvel Comics headliner for more than half a century has a sudden sex change.

Free Comic Book Day offers everything from A (for Archie) to Z (for zombies)
A guide to the best offerings on Free Comic Book Day 2014.

Hokey smoke, Bullwinkle! Rocky and his friends are back
Writer Mark Evanier and June Foray, the original voice of Rocky, talks about new comic book adventures of the beloved moose and squirrel.

Artist’s career reaches from Garbage Pail Kids to museum walls
Art Spiegelman may have done more to popularize the term “graphic novel” than anyone. But he’s still not comfortable with it.

‘Batwoman’ creators quit, saying DC Comics forbade lesbian marriage
The creative team on DC Comics’ “Batwoman,” a comic book starring a lesbian crimefighter, have quit the title, citing editorial decisions by DC.

Author battles to unmask Batman’s secret co-creator
Everybody knows Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne. But few have heard of the writer who came up with that name.

Protest greets gay-marriage opponent writing Superman story
Thousands sign an online petition protesting the news that Orson Scott Card is among writers participating in a digital  comic starring Superman.

Ph.D. in Batman? First doctorate in comic books awarded
Michael Uslan, originator and executive producer of the Batman film franchise since 1989, receives the world’s first fine arts doctorate in comic books.

DC do-over: Superman and friends start over from scratch
New origins, new costumes, more diversity — plus same-day digital publishing.

Gay characters take center stage in comic books
Archie’s classmate and a lesbian crimefighter go from supporting to starring roles.

Islamic superheroes: Role models or propaganda?
‘The 99,’ whose costumed characters embody attributes of Allah, draws criticism.